PreLex™ Eye Procedure - Video And Animation Production


PreLex™ Eye Procedure - Video And Animation Production

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PIXEL Pusher Creative Services (PPCS) recently produced animations for an eye procedure called PreLex™ at Woodhams Eye Clinic in Atlanta off Peachtree Dunwoody Road.   Rutland Walker, Woodhams marketing agent, contacted PPCS to create two 3D animations surrounding the PreLex™ procedure that Dr. Trevor performs at his clinic.   PIXEL Pusher Creative Services ended up doing more than just the Animation but also producing the video segment for the clinic.

PreLex™ is short for Presbyopic Lens eXchange. During the PreLex™ procedure, Dr. Trevor removes the natural lens in the patients eye and replaces it with a multi-focal lens, or IOL ( Interocular Lens ).  The implanted multi-focal lens allows your eye to focus at near and distance.  Mono-focal lenses, which have been traditionally used in cataract surgery, only allow clear vision focus at one point, either distance or near. The same is true with LASIK solutions which are usually performed to allow for clear vision for distance.  

Starting with Dr. Woodhams dialogue that he prepared and uses to explain his procedure in laymen terms to his clients,  we created a storyboard with simple imagery that acts as our “road map” for the project.  This storyboard is a quick graphic organization of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing the production that keep all involved on the same page. Once we understood the doctors methodology, PPCS needed to understand the mechanics and medical terms associated with the process to create the animations.

3D models of an eye, anatomical aspects around the Natural Lens and Cornea and a 3d model of the IOL (Interocular Lens) were created to be animated.  After the 3d animations were roughed out and approved by Dr. Woodhams,  Robert Berry (PPCS producer/animator, started finalizing the look and modeling of the cross-section eye.   Other motion graphic elements were created to aid in telling Dr. Woodhams process.

Once all the elements and “pieces” of the video had been created and video acquired, PPCS began editing and polishing the program.  

This production was a real…eye opener, pun intended.  Mr. Berry, could clearly see the benefits from this amazing procedure and now having produced this video, plans on doing this procedure as well.  A superior benefit of PreLex™ is that the new lens will not change or deteriorate as the patient ages AND vision will remain clear with little or no dependence on corrective lenses afterwards.  I would encourage everyone to visit Dr. Woodhams website and take a look.  

Everyone at Woodhams Eye Clinic friendly and a pleasure to work with.  It was a  wonderful opportunity producing their Animation and Video production.  

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